IMVUGO CENTRE offices are located in downtown Kigali.
Depending on Learners preferences, Lessons of Ikinyarwanda can be organized at our office. 
But we are also equipped to conduct lessons at any learner's preferred location around Kigali.
Additionally we conduct Online Lessons, through direct video conferences, audio calls or email correspondences.

Imvugo Centre Location in Kigali City

IMVUGO CENTRE undertakes to facilitate its learners and its potential learners in their quest to successfully learn and become fluent in the Ikinyarwanda language, with a special attention paid to members of the Rwanda Diaspora.

IMVUGO CENTRE has put in place various and flexible ways to deliver lessons of Ikinyarwanda.
Learners can learn in the classroom, learn on their own or learn online through video conference or through correspondence.