After every evaluations, conclusions are drawn and remedial action is taken to address any identified issues ! Such measures adapt the teaching methodologies and contents to the learning styles and preferences of learners and to ensure their successful experience in learning Ikinyarwanda.





  • Lessons Schedules
  • Lessons Location
  • Lessons Activities
  • Lessons Materials
  • Learning Pace
  • Classroom equipment
  • Learning Objectives

 Changes in Approach :

  • Classroom setup changes : Changes to how, where and when lessons are held
  • Learning Pace Changes : Changes to the lessons quantity students study weekly
  • Methodology Changes : Changes to the contents, goals or activities in the classroom
  • Teaching Media Changes : Changes to materials, classroom setup, mails or calls
  • Teacher Changes : Changing the teacher assigned to deliver the lessons
  • Learner’s suggested changes : Changes suggested by learners


  • Classroom mood
  • Classroom dynamism
  • Classroom relationships
  • Learning Continuation
  • Teacher performance

 Changes in Coaching and Reviews :

  • Learning Tips : resulting in guides to get the best out of the course
  • Motivational Reviews : resulting in advices on why and how easily to learn
  • Objectives Reviews : collaboratively reviewing the learner’s initial needs, goals
  • Exit Reviews : resulting in recommendations for further learning and self-teach