Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions we have been asked over time by students and potential learners.
Feel free to get in touch with for any specific question you can't find in the following list or for any additional information and clarifications you may need. 

How, Where do I start ?

All you need, to get started, is to get in touch with us using our contacts or start learning the free lessons
You may also want to explore first our Ikinyarwanda course.

Prices, How much does it cost ?

The total cost will depend on how many lessons and how many hours you study and on how you choose to study them. You can find more about prices here.

How long does it take ?

The length of the course depend on how many lessons you choose to study and how you choose to study. The most basic course will take 9 weeks in minimum.

How, When do I pay ?

Once you choose a course to study and after you enrol in the course, the next step is to pay upfront the course tuition and charges. These can be paid at the bank or in cash.

How do you teach ?

Our Ikinyarwanda course is organized in Sub-Levels of 35 lessons taught using flexible methods and media of teaching and at very flexible schedules ! Learners are able to study in groups, individually, at regular or at intensive paces ! 

Do you offer accommodation ? Or other facilitations ?

Various Facilitations Services are offered to learners including arrangements for travel, airport arrival pickup, departure dropoff, accommodation and meals, as well as for local tours and visits to sites.

Do you issue Certificates ?

After 2 successful Sub-Levels (70 lessons), a Certificate is issued to the learner.

Where's Imvugo Center located ?

IMVUGO CENTRE has its offices in Rwanda, in Kigali City, Downtown.

Why learn Ikinyarwanda at all ?

Ikinyarwanda is an African language mainly spoken in Rwanda and its neighbour countries while enjoying a very high degree of mutual intelligibility with languages spoken in the region, including in Burundi, parts of South-Western Uganda, North-Eastern Tanzania and Eastern Congo. The Rwandan culture also boasts one of the world richest poetry in the forms of "amazina y' inka", "ibyivugo", "ibisigo" and more. Ikinyarwanda simply provides access to a welcoming people, a wealthy culture and to the understanding of ancient African civilizations.

How do I travel to Rwanda ?

Travelling to Rwanda is easy as travellers of all nationalities get a visa upon their arrival. Visa is also obtained online and Work permits and Visa extensions are handled through the migration office.
Known as the land of a thousand hills and boasting stunning scenery and a warm and friendly people, Rwanda, also ranked as one of the safest countries in the world, is a choice destination for business, cultural or educational tourism. It offers unique experiences to visitors through biodiversity, rich wildlife, natural forests, volcanoes, mountain gorillas and much more.  

IMVUGO CENTRE offices are located in downtown Kigali. 
Depending on Learners preferences, Lessons of Ikinyarwanda can be organized at our office. 
But we are also equipped to conduct lessons at any learner's preferred location around Kigali. 
Additionally we conduct Online Lessons, through direct video conferences, audio calls or email correspondences.

Imvugo Centre Location in Kigali City

IMVUGO CENTRE undertakes to facilitate its learners and its potential learners in their quest to successfully learn and become fluent in the Ikinyarwanda language, with a special attention paid to members of the Rwanda Diaspora.

IMVUGO CENTRE has put in place various and flexible ways to deliver lessons of Ikinyarwanda. Learners can learn in the classroom, learn on their own or learn online through video conference or through correspondence.