Information and facilitation services are continuously and diligently provided to potential and actual learners in our Courses of Ikinyarwanda. 

When potential learners start inquiries towards enrolling in our courses, they are provided with such information and facilitation services to assist them in the process leading up to their enrolment and their eventual start in the classes of Ikinyarwanda. 

After enrolment, our learners, including study-abroad students, graduate research students, language enthousiasts and travellers, are provided with such services aimed at enabling them to smoothly and easily travel to Rwanda, to settle and to enjoy a seamless, successful and delightful experience with their Ikinyarwanda classes ! 



Various facilitation services are available to learners who enrol with our courses. These facilitations assist any potential learner to navigate application and enrolment process and they enable enrolled learners to focus solely on their learning.



Course Booking and Enrolment


  • Diligent communication all the way
  • Extensive Pre-enrolment information and documentation about the course 
  • Diligent assistance during application process for the language course
  • Flexible overall Ikinyarwanda course duration and scheduling
  • Arrangements for a flexible learning of tailored Ikinyarwanda courses


Travel and Reception


  • Information and applicable requirements to travel and stay in Rwanda
  • Diligent assistance with Travel and flight inquiries and bookings
  • Pick-up and drop-off upon arrival in or departure from Kigali


Accommodation and Meals


  • Arrangements for accommodation and boarding
  • Arrangements for breakfast and meals
  • Arrangements for Commuter Transport whenever applicable
  • Arrangements for sanitation and related consumables
  • Arrangements for health and medical services 



Loca Activities and Tours


  • Inquiries about visa extensions and related authorizations in Rwanda
  • Arrangements for Immersion activities for the Ikinyarwanda Course
  • Arrangements for Cultural and Tour activities
  • Inquiries and bookings for leisure, outdoor activities and tours while in Rwanda