Extensive Facilitations to Individual Learners

IMVUGO CENTRE provides information, documentation and any other form of facilitations required by individual Learners from the moment they make their first inquiry to Imvugo Centre, to the moment they enrol and start their classes of Ikinyarwanda. 
Special attention is given to study-abroad learners who are provided with any needed additional facilitations in the form of information, documentation or actual deeds related to the learner's eventual travel and stay in Rwanda.

Facilitations to Learners from Enrolment to Completion of Course

We organize Ikinyarwanda Classes at your Organization

Ikinyarwanda Course for Organizations

Imvugo Centre organizes classes of Ikinyarwanda tailored to the needs and to the requirements of staffs at institutions, at companies or international organizations, schools, universities, and embassies.


We set up effective Ikinyarwanda Classes at your School

Ikinyarwanda Course for Schools

Imvugo Centre assists Schools and Teachers to successfully set up Ikinyarwanda Classes at their own schools by providing them or by developing for them all of the necessary and required Ikinyarwanda didactic materials. 
Imvugo Centre also provides relevant trainings to the school's actual or potential teachers of Ikinyarwanda.