Being modular, practical, easy and adapted to most needs of potential learners, Imvugo Centre's Course of Ikinyarwanda is a reference in learning and in mastering the language of Ikinyarwanda. 
Requirements and needs from potential learners of Ikinyarwanda are related to their ability to communicate within the Rwandan society, to explore the culture of Rwanda, its history and its poetry and to acquire the ability to research themes and projects related to Rwanda

Structure of the Course

The Course of Ikinyarwanda is structured in a way that enables learners to seamlessly and gradually acquire practical conversational skills while, at the same time, they consolidate their capacity to read, to compose, to understand and to make use of the myriad cultural nuances contained in everyday dialogues conducted in the language of Ikinyarwanda.

Themes of the Lessons

The lessons of Ikinyarwanda are built around communication themes that will enable learners to seamlessly and gradually acquire practical conversational skills which in turn enable them to quickly progress in the language with the capacity to speak, to listen, to comprehend, to read, to compose and to master important cultural nuances of the language of Ikinyarwanda.

Evaluations Schedule

A robust evaluation mechanism is embedded within the Course of Ikinyarwanda in order to ensure a steady and factual progress, to timely identify challenges for the learner and to quickly draw appropriate and adapted remedial actions that are adapted to the learner's needs, thus providing them with a tailored and successful experience of learning Ikinyarwanda.

Post-Evaluation Measures

After each evaluation, conclusions are drawn and remedial action is taken to address any identified issues ! 
Such measures adapt the teaching methodologies and the lesson contents to the learning styles and preferences of the learner and they ensure a successful experience of learning Ikinyarwanda.

Flexible Course Options

The Ikinyarwanda Courses are dispensed in varying class formats with varying pace and intensity of teaching and learning. 
Learners enrol , in individual classes, in group classes or in online classes. And they are able to study at a regular pace of 4 to 6 hours per week or at an intensive pace of 25 to 30 hours per week.

Sample title

Various materials are used in the classes of Ikinyarwanda. These are Lessons Printouts, Books, Audio recordings, Reading stories, Practice Exercises, Homeworks and Evaluation Tests. 
Immersion activities, Feedback forms and regular evaluation meetings also ensure the effectiveness of the methodology.